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Activations and Mutual Aid

SARES' primary mission is to provide communications support and mutual aid during disasters and other emergencies. Some significant events have been:

  • PG&E Public Safety Power Shutoff (October 2019) — SARES was ready to provide communications in case a planned power shutoff in Sunnyvale affected phone or internet service.
  • Gilroy Communcations Fiber Optic Cable Cut (April 2009) — Sunnyvale supplied amateur radio responders to provide communication to schools, fire stations, key public access intersections after vandals cut a critical fiber-optic backbone for Southern Santa Clara County. Read details »
  • Summit Road Fire (May 2008) — The SARES-RG repeater was linked with the Santa Clara Co ARES/RACES 2 meter repeater to facilitate a Santa Clara Co wide Resource Net. Read details »

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