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Summit Road Fire

May 2008

CDF Information on Summit Road Incident

May 22, 2008

The SARES 440 MHz was linked with the Santa Clara Co ARES / RACES 2 meter repeater to facilitate a Santa Clara Co wide Resource Net, due to the Summit incident. During the linked time the Santa Cruz Co. ARES / RACES EOC was able to communicate with the Santa Clara Co. ARES / RACES EOC. After Santa Clara Co ARES / RACES EOC was closed for the evening the 440 MHz was being used by Cal-Fire VIPs for logistical traffic for VIPs delivering food to the various branches.

May 24, 2008

Overnight, conditions on the fire change. The fire has jumped Summit road and now is in Santa Clara county. SCCo EOC has been reactivated, and SCCo RACES is active.

Once again our repeater(K6SNY/R) is linked into AA6BT/R for an Santa Clara County ARES/RACES activation. The AA6BT/K6SNY link is being used as a county wide resource net.

1409 PST Announcement from Larry Carr DEC

Santa Clara County has reactivated RACES and the EOC due the summit road fire.

At this time we are expecting to be operating 24 hrs until further notice No cities have activated at this time. We are operating a resource net on AA6BT 146.115. which is linked with K6SNY 443.275 + 107.2. All hams please monitor for announcements. MACs and HAMs check in with your EC and advise them of your availability. We will make requested through the ECs.

The Red Cross has activated a Shelter in Morgan Hill but have made no requests yet.

May 25, 2008

1019 PST Announcement from Larry Carr DEC

I have been told that there will not be a need for RACES responders after 1100 this morning. We will therefore close our operations for today, Sunday, May 25, at that time. However, please "stay tuned", since the fire is not yet out, and there may be future calls for RACES assistance. If such a call occurs, I will send out notice via SCC-EC, MACgroup, and email to cell phones.